Tatuaje Tattoo 10 Miami – Mini Eval

I have always been a fan of Pete Johnson’s Tatuaje brand. So I was excited to see a few months back that they were releasing a special edition, 10th Anniversary stick. The Tattoo 10 Miami, which is a remix/re-release of the cigar that started it all for Johnson and Tatuaje 10 years ago.

The name Tattoo is actually the Spanish translation of Tatuaje..which I thought was really cool as I’ve always wonder what it meant but never took the time to research it. Here is a breakdown of what this cigar is made of:

Ecuadorian Habano



Vitolas (Size/Shape)
Belle Encre, 5 3/8 x 42 Perfecto
Bon Chasseur, 5 3/8 x 52 Robusto with an unfinished foot

I love the new packaging and labeling, as the old version has a really simple, plain brown and white label. This new look (Tatuaje Tattoo 10 Miami in brown, white & gold) and lets you know exactly what you’re getting. I’ll admit, the wrapper itself got me excited about this cigar as the look gives it an old school, Cuban feel.



Nice, oily feel that Ecuadorians typically give. It has an unfinished foot which I love to watch burn…and it burned off quickly exposing the foot. The Tattoo has a nice triple cap that cut cleanly, but the draw was a little tighter than I’d prefer. It wasn’t so tight that I had to force it though.


The cigar started off really spicy and peppery to me. I’ll admit that it was more than I was ready for. Once I gathered myself, it started to mellow out and the sweetness started to come on through. As I worked my way past the second third of the cigar, it became increasingly milder and I actually could taste some cinnamon.

There was a nice, strong ash throughout that I attribute to the tight construction. There was hardly any flaking which added to the experience.

Ending Notes:

As I wrapped up this smoke, the strength came back with the heat, but it remained pleasant and easy to smoke. I had no issues taking it down to the very last inch without burning myself.

Overall, I would give this cigar a good 3.5 out of 5. I would definitely smoke this one again, and would keep it’s shelf mates on my radar for future releases!

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