Be A Maestro

A few months ago, I stumbled upon this link through my Montecristo Social Club membership that offered a certification on Cigars! If you know anything about me and the world/industry in which I work, you’d know that success or credibility isn’t always based on how good you are or how much you know, but by the awards, degrees or certifications that you have.

So with that being said, would this Cigar certification or certificate give me extra discounts somewhere? No.

Would this make my cigars taste better? Negative.

Would cigar manufacturers and blenders start calling me and asking me to sample and review their new offerings? I wish!

Would these modules change/enhance my knowledge and the way I view the process in which cigars and tobacco are grown, developed and manufactured…deepening my appreciation for the art and detail in which they’re constructed…understand WHY they burn and taste the way they do…why yes…yes they would!

So I do encourage each of you checking out this post to take a few moments to go through these 3 short lessons at Cigar Maestro:

Lesson 1 – Growing


Lesson 2 –  Curing


Lesson 3 – Rolling


At the end of each session there is a 10 question test. After you receive a passing score for that module, you will receive your Certificado de los Maestros in that specialty.  If nothing else, they are full of great information that you don’t get by visiting a local cigar shop or reading a review online. You also learn about 6 of the best blenders in the industry.

All new knowledge acquired about cigars actually help me to enjoy them more.  I’m sure this will help you too! Check it out!

3 thoughts on “Be A Maestro

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