The Cigar Crew Nashville; Two Years Strong

On March 29, 2014, The Cigar Crew Nashville celebrated its 2nd year of inception at Smoker’s Abbey Cigar shop in East Nashville.

While the relevance and usefulness of social media can and will be debated for years to come, this once primarily Facebook-based group of cigar aficionados used the medium to grow, network and eventually connect face-to-face, all while fellowshipping and learning about cigars from one another.

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1453374_10201828185318685_1555570845_nThe Cigar Crew Nashville, organized by Everett Jolley, has not only joined together those in Nashville that enjoy patronizing their local Tobacconists, but has expanded to organize Cigar Crews in the cities of Murfreesboro, Memphis, Houston, Atlanta…and based on a few of the attendees at the March 29th event, The Cigar Crew Clarksville was established on March 30th.

This crew is growing stronger every day and is looking forward to connecting with new cigar aficionados in Tennessee and beyond!

Please be sure to check out “The Cigar Crew Nashville” on Facebook and on Twitter at @CigarCrewNash.


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