A Cigar With Jay-Z

Late last year, Cohiba, General Cigar Co. and Shawn Carter also know as Jay-Z, teamed up to create a boutique cigar that brought the music mogul and business man’s vision of a cigar to life. I was extremely excited when I saw this news because:

  1. I am a huge supporter of Jay-Z, owning all of his albums and his really being the only rap I consistently listen to
  2. I love cigars
  3. If I can’t smoke a cigar with Mr. Carter, I’ll at least smoke one of his cigars

About The Comador
Wrapper: Connecticut Havana
Binder: Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler: Unknown

After I got over the shock that they were actually in a brick and mortar shop (due to a very limited release to only a few retailers) I immediately grabbed a few of them and proceeded to the counter. Since their release, I knew that this wouldn’t be a stick that I’d always be able to get my hands on so I took advantage of this opportunity.


I was not disappointed with my purchase! Great construction, beautiful color, flavorful pre-light draw.  I think I stared at it longer than it took me to cut and light it. I acted star-struck as if Jay-Z himself were sitting there with me.

Upon light, I couldn’t really make out what I was tasting; probably because the Connecticut Havana wrapper is rare and exclusive to this cigar. It was different, and all I could think was “It’s good. It’s complex and full of flavor.” Not a full-bodied or strong cigar by any means, it was just the right balance of sweet and peppery, with a thick white ash and smoke.


While I enjoyed my Comador, I visited the site to get the specs (of course I had seen them before, but they mean something different when you have the cigar in your hand). Watching the slides how on the site, I gained an even greater appreciation for the blend and the Cohiba process by which this cigar originated. According to ComadorCigar.com:

…Comador is cultivated on a private 25-acre plot of land surrounded by the Farmington River in Connecticut…only a limited number of leaves are allowed to grown on the plant to ensure very specific flavor…the Connecticut Havana leaves are transported to the Dominican Republic…aged four years…one year of which is in Dominican rum barrels…

With as much attention and work that goes into this cigar, I would find it difficult not to enjoy it. The thought behind this boutique cigar is just how I like my music, calculated, smart and smooth. And just like Jay-Z’s albums, this gold labeled creation is sure to go certified platinum with cigar aficionados.



Special thanks to Uptown’s Smoke Shop in Nashville, TN for carrying this cigar and for letting me crash in their lounge to write this review.


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