Natural Disasters Hit Nashville

Fitting that the CAO Natural Disasters release came on a day rain showers swept through Nashville. Equally as ironic was that Master Blender Rick Rodriguez’s original flight into town was cancelled due to weather. Dispute travel mishaps, he made it on time to the only shop in the country, Uptown’s Smoke Shop, that’s carrying all 4 sticks:

20140510-191711.jpgEarthquake (West Coast)

Cyclone (Midwest)

Heatwave (East Coast)

Hurricane (Southeast)

Having so many choices, it was difficult for me to decide on which one to sample. I had already experienced the Hurricane as it had been release about a year prior. After kinda checking out the specs for each, I decided on the Heatwave, as it was wrapped in my favorite leaf, Ecuadorian. The construction was great…dark, oily and it had a great draw. You could tell from holding it that it was packed nicely with tobacco. It was a bit larger than the cigars I typically run to (all Natural Disasters are made in a 6-inch length with a ring gauge of 54), but I was not disappointed at all.

Upon lighting it, I almost felt like I was in a heatwave! There were notes of earth and citrus, which took me up and down the East Coast. The cigar stayed really consistent through the first and second third.

As I entered the end of my Heatwave, Rick Rodriguez decided to give a presentation on how CAO grows, harvests, cures, rolls and stores their cigars. So not only did I have the opportunity to smoke a great stick, I got educated on how it came to be. This was a rare and great way to enjoy my cigar.

I’ve added a few minutes of the presentation here…

Being a Nashvillian, where CAO Cigars originated, I’ve always been a little partial to their products. But hanging out with Rick and getting such a thorough education at the same time reminded me why this first-class brand is always at the top of my list and taking up 1-2 thirds of my cigar inventory.

Special thanks to General Cigars for lending us Rick Rodriguez, great CAO representatives and a small glimpse into their factories for the night, and for allowing us the opportunity to experience the entire line of the Natural Disasters.

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