La Palina Maduro Eval

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Andrew “AB” Brennan of La Palina Cigars at my favorite Brick & Mortar shop and he introduced me to their “Family Series”.  The conversation started as he and the General Manager were stating that if I liked “X” named cigar (which happens to be my favorite) that I’d LOVE this particular one. They were not wrong.

20140519-203613-74173873.jpgLa Palina Maduro
Country of Origin: Honduras
Wrapper: Mexican Maduro
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Nicaragua
– Rated 95 by Smoke Magazine
– Rated 91 by Cigar Snob Magazine

Upon initial inspection, I was immediately drawn to the color, as it was an extremely dark cigar with lighter sections speckled throughout. It was a smooth looking cigar as there weren’t a lot of visible veins. The color alone enhanced my curiosity and I braced myself for a strong smoke. Upon initial light, I had an “Oh Boy! Here it comes.” moment as the first taste hit me. Surprisingly strong off the bat, but like a good book, you can’t judge the strength of a cigar by its wrapper.

After a few draws, the cigar immediately began to mellow out and I could really taste black coffee and cocoa. As I smoked on, the flavors stayed very consistent, the whole while I felt as if I was drinking a cup of coffee, even though I was enjoying a glass of Merlot with it.

20140519-203615-74175635.jpgAs equally as enjoyable as it was to taste, it was a pleasure watching this colorful cigar burn…a very thick, flaky ash that never once fell off on its own. It probably would have stayed on the entire time but I decided to ash it myself for fear that it would blow off due to the windy conditions.

This cigar was a pleasure to smoke. Chances of me grabbing another, 100%. The Maduro was very mild even though the first few draws kicked me in the face a little. This is a smoke that I look forward to having earlier in the day with some coffee as I watch the wildlife in my backyard.

Great job La Palina!

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