Boutique Cigar Eval: Lucy Corina Cigars

Like most industries and economies, we are comfortable with the name brands and products that we’re use to or hear about all of the time, but it’s the small businesses that help to create balance, creativity and variety.

The same holds true with the cigar industry. There are the large companies and distributors and those that have been around longer than any of us can remember. Equally as important though are the not-so-large companies. “Boutique Cigar” brands that offer “small-batches” of product that are often harder to find due to limited distribution or affiliation with major labels. These smaller and often “up and coming” cigar companies are sought after because they are perceived to put a little extra heart and attention into their product… sometimes because it is their ONLY product.

A gentleman recently contacted me while I was in Honduras asking if we could meet and discuss a new cigar that he recently began marketing, the Lucy Corina. Always looking to try new cigars, we meet at a local Brick and Mortar, Smoker’s Abbey in Nashville, TN, and he gave me a few samples.

The Lucy Corina has a great story. The cigar, blended and produced in Oak Hill, Texas and exclusively distributed by Cigar Art Cigar Boutique, was made in homage to the owner’s daughter…to pay tribute, not just to pay dividends. Here is the description of the cigar from their website:

…handcrafted from vintage crop Esteli & Jalapa Valley tobaccos. Each cigar is aged in Bourbon barrels before being finished in White Oak. The cigar is then allowed to rest in Spanish Cedar…

Rich and Peppery with notes of dry red wine, toasted Oak, and molasses sweetness. Full body design to age with added complexity…

20140715-203648-74208637.jpgThe cigar is chalked full of Nicaraguan 2009 Criollo and wrapped in a beautiful Brazillian Mata Fina leaf for a nice mixture of body and flavor, primarily sweetness. I love this particular wrapper because it has an attractive, consistently inconsistent speckly look and stands out amongst cigars that have one uniform color. For the analysis, I smoked two of the sticks to see how consistently it performed. After smoking the first, I immediately smelled and tasted hints of a wine and oak, so it was pretty cool to then read the owner’s description and notes regarding the aging process using barrels. I was right on!

Both offered a good draw throughout smoking. The flavor was mellow and tasty through the first 2 thirds, with medium sweetness and body that started strong and mellowed down considerably as I worked my way down to the last third. What added to the experience was the fact that the stick never heated up in my fingers and I was able to comfortably smoke it down to a nub, which is a plus for me in the “Enjoyment” department.

My overall impressions and rating of the Lucy Corina was a 3.6 on a scale of 5.  What I felt the cigar lacked in body was made up for in flavor and aroma. This stick is definitely worth smoking again and I plan to order a few more from the great state of Texas, as there are only a few retailers there that sell it.

Special thanks to Walt Herron and the Lucy Corina Cigar Company for choosing me to enjoy share your creation.

Pictures of the Lucy Corina Cigar Factory, provided by Walt Herron of Lucy Corina Cigars.


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