The Cigar Women of Nashville

Until I was able to see a tobacco plant in it’s natural habitat, I neglected to realize the importance of the actual flower that grows atop the plant. And just like this critical element that continues to give life to and sustain the very pastime that many of us all enjoy so much, we must not overlook the women that help to keep our beloved cigar culture and businesses thriving and growing.

IMG_7014Founded November 16, 2012 by Christy Gibson, the Cigar Women of Nashville (CWON) meet monthly over cigars, food and drinks to not only fellowship but to educate one another on all things cigars, as they host representatives from some of our most beloved cigar brands and companies.

“The idea of forming a women’s cigar club came to me several years ago. I was constantly being asked by men if they could take my picture to show their significant others that women really do smoke cigars. I would also catch the eye of other women who would inquire about my cigar smoking and make comments that they would love to smoke cigars but didn’t know where to start…or they’ve smoked occasionally but always felt awkward doing it in front of other people. After years of hearing these comments I decided to provide an environment where women could come together, ask questions, smoke cigars, and not feel like everyone was staring at them as if they had a big scarlet letter on their forehead.”

And that’s just what Christy has done. Over the last year and a half, she’s brought together women of every age, background and color that all have the same thing in common, a passion for fine cigars or the desire to develop and grow that passion. Attending the CWON events, I actually get a little jealous because whichever company is being featured, Christy provides a free gift bag and/or that cigar for each lady in attendance…whether they be a veteran or a new member. They are also known for giving away some great doors prizes!







As a cigar enthusiast, I get excited when there are people that want to learn about the art, craftsmanship (or craftswomanship), flavors and history of this culture. It’s especially nice to have seen Christy’s vision grow from an idea and a conversation at UPtown’s Smoke Shop in Nashville, to a staple in Nashville with dozens of dedicated and fun-loving Sisters Of The Leaf (SOTL).

“Our numbers continue to grow and at each event we usually have at least one new face in the crowd. More and more people are contacting me about having events at their place [shops and restaurants] or wanting to know how they can get involved with the Cigar Women of Nashville. So the fact that our name is starting to get out is very exciting.”

You can find out more about the Cigar Woman of Nashville and their events by visiting them on a variety of Social Media channels:



Twitter: @NashvilleCigars

…and of course on our events page HERE.

Special thanks to UPtown’s Smoke shop and Austin Baker of Miami Cigar Co. for this great event!

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