Don’t Be That Guy

Have you ever been in a cigar shop and had that one guy or gal tell you that you’re smoking that thing all wrong? Ever had your relaxing time jacked up by that dude that was best friends with Castro or the person that tells you what you should and shouldn’t smoke…or that your cigar is garbage? If you haven’t, bless you, because he’s lookin’ to corner and talk to you!

In a pastime where everyone is an expert, I’ve found that some of the best moments enjoying a cigar come when there is silence…or just having simple conversation about the issues and problems of the day (as there are several). Every moment spent in a brick and mortar doesn’t have to be a tutorial from that self-proclaimed aficionado that does ALL of the talking. Without thinking too hard, we can all name one of those people.

IMG_0953.JPGWe all have things that we can learn and we all have things we can teach or explain when it comes to enjoying cigars. But it is important to know that we all have different preferences, tastes and techniques. We all have different palettes, allegiances and goals. So with all of those differences, there are no rights or wrongs, goods or bads, just a lot of thats-not-how-I-prefer-to-do-it’s. That is what makes this hobby, this pastime, this culture such a great one.

Let’s preserve it by not getting on other people’s nerves or alienating them because they haven’t smoked as many, or as long, or as “good” as we have. We are all Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf, and none of us are “Creators of the Leaf” (COTL), so let’s listen and share more, not monopolize conversation and preach, as there are things we can all gain from old and new cigar enthusiasts alike.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Be That Guy

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