Everyone Needs an Old Faithful

Talking to lovers of the leaf, it’s interesting to see what types of cigars people are enjoying and how often they are enjoying them. Because tastes and preferences differ so much, you could poll 20 people and everyone will tell you a different favorite stick.

IMG_7891What I notice though when frequenting shops is that I hardly ever see people smoking the cigar that they claim is their favorite. I am the same way…as I get so caught up in trying new cigars that it’s easy to neglect the very brands or lines that caused us to love this pastime. And while I encourage old and new smokers alike to try new and different blends and brands, it’s also very important to have a go-to, an old faithful.

When you find one cigar that is especially suited for your palette, I highly recommend revisiting it often. As your palette grows and develops, it’s important to note any subtle changes in the cigar, if any, from time to time…and you can use that staple to gauge other cigars by. It’s like having a favorite dish or drink, you have to know what you like in order to determine what you may not like as much. But on the flip side, it is important to try new things as you don’t want to miss out on a new favorite or see what companies are creating for you.

There are times when you don’t want anything new, and that’s cool. You just want to sit back and partake in a cigar that you know you will enjoy and will take you where you want to be. There is nothing worse than trying to satisfy that need for a great cigar, only to try something that you don’t necessarily like. It can be disappointing when you’ve invested in something that doesn’t give you the familiar satisfaction that you’ve been craving…only to have to go back to your old reliable.

So when you grab 2 or 3 new blends at your local shop, pick up one of your old faithful so that your humidor is stocked with that one that you know you love. It also helps your local tobacconist to recommend the right new one when you are able to tell them exactly what it is you like about a particular cigar. It’s all about your enjoyment, so don’t feel like you have to try everything that’s out there, plus, you’ll never be able to keep up with and try them all.

In the comments, tell me what your “Old Faithful” is. Lets see how different the responses are…and no one is wrong, so lets not discount anyone else’s pick!

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