E.P. Carrillo La Historia Eval

I had heard quite a bit of buzz coming out of ICPR14 about this release by E.P. Carrillo. One of my local tobacconist told me offline that this was one of the best that he had smoke while out in Las Vegas this past Summer. So after some fanfare and several full-page ads in Cigar Aficionado, we finally have a chance to kick the tires on the new line from the makers of the very popular INCH, E-Stunner and Cardinal cigars.

The La Historia has a totally different look and feel from previous releases from this E.P. Carrillo. Right off the bat, you notice the traditionally beautiful, old school gold, red and two-toned blue band. It displays two women…one sitting over a shield bearing the name “Perez” and another bearing the name “Carrillo”. There is also a smaller, secondary red and gold band with the name Perez Carrillo on it. The artwork’s contrast against the dark, chocolately wrapper gives it a regal and elegant look. Couple that with the teal ribbon that wraps the foot, you feel a bit of privileged anticipation while preparing to enjoy this cigar, as a lot went into the presentation.

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La Historia
Wrapper: San Andreas
Binder: Ecuador Sumatra
Filler: Dominican & Nicaraguan
Vitola for Eval: 6 1/8 x 50, Doña Elena slight box-pressed

FullSizeRender 5The La Historia was very pleasing to the eye. The texture was almost rustic and corse and gave it an antique feel, which made it kinda cool given the name. the wrapper was extremely dark with no noticeable veins.

I used my trusty Xikar Ultra Slim cutter to get started and took a dry draw. Immediately I could detect sweetness. I lit it up and was immediately met with a complex mixture of flavors. It actually caught me off guard because I expected a lot more pepper and spice given the San Andreas wrapper, but I actually got little of that. I actually felt like I was getting more of the flavor from the Ecuador Sumatra binder. I didn’t mind it at all as it was a great balance to the typically spicy San Andreas wrapper.

Throughout the first and second thirds of the La Historia, the flavors of of dark chocolate, earthiness and leather remained very consistent. My draw remained prefect, but the burn was often uneven. What I did enjoy about the construction was that when it did burn this way, I’d just let it rest of a moment and it corrected itself. No relights were necessary on either of the cigars for this eval.

Only having to ash my samples a few times, the strong and thick ash held on wonderfully and never got too flaky or messy. I appreciated this because I had on a pretty nice shirt that I didn’t want to have to dust off! As I rounded third, things actually changed up for me with the flavor. I began to get some rosy, floral notes that were really pleasant. It reminded me of bottled rosewater that almost tickles your nose when you smell it. The complexity toward the end of the first stick made me really curious as to whether the second would do the same thing…and it did. The last third of both became increasingly complex and florally, which was a nice way to end a cigar.

Overall, the La Historia earned a CigaHr.com rating of 4.1 out of 5, scoring highest in Flavor. While I never had to relight the La Historia, ascetically it would have been nice to have a sharp even burn as the icing on this tasty cake. I highly recommend this cigar, and at the price point of $8-$10, it’s definitely a steal. When purchasing this cigar, you’ll definitely feel as if you have a high-end stick with complex and rich flavors. This is one that should be a staple in the humidor.

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