Punch Gran Puro Eval

If you will, come and take a trip with me back in time. A time when cigars weren’t so frickin’ complicated. Let’s reminisce on the time when stogies didn’t have to taste like honeysuckle and macchiatos. During this time, we were introduced to Punch cigars.  Those Punch cigars were reasonably priced and gave us exactly what we wanted and needed…quality Honduran tobacco, expert craftsmanship and a great experience. Thankfully, that time is now in the form of the Punch Gran Puro from General Cigars.

Made in Danli, Honduras, the Punch Gran Puro consists of:

Wrapper: Honduras
Binder: Honduras
Filler: Honduras
Vitola for eval: Pico Bonito, 6 x 50

Aesthetically, this puro has a traditional look and feel…a slightly bumpy, veiny and oily Colorado wrapper that looks as if it were carefully constructed using an old-school tobacco blueprint. The red, black and gold label, complete with that little Punch clown that we know and love, was affixed perfectly and brandished the name “Gran Puro” in gold. After gawking, squeezing and taking pictures of this cigar, I decided to cut the cap and dive in.


This cigar was easy to light and the dry draw was spot on. Having actually visited the H.A.T.S.A. Danli factory where the Punch Gran Puro is produced, I’ve had the honor of seeing their quality control process first hand. Needless to say, I was expecting nothing less than a great flow of air and a seamless experience. One key piece of the process is that after they bunch each cigar, it goes to a special section of the factory where it must pass an air test on a machine that replicates the human draw. There’s research and data on this stuff, and they use it on every stick!

Now I’m just as big on performance as I am on flavor and body so I appreciated the fact that I never had to touch up the burn and that I got the right amount of smoke out with each puff.  It was razor sharp and the ash went on for days. This baby was full bodied, very consistent, and had an earthy and nutty flavor throughout. On the retrohale, there were notes of cocoa but not so much that I felt as if I were drinking the coffee of the day. With very little pepper taste in this stick, it was easy to enjoy its fullness for a whole, uninterrupted 2 hours.

The Punch Gran Puro is definitely a bold blend that caters to the consumer that appreciates a natural tobacco taste, flawless construction and a premium cigar for a non-premium price! It’s great for the experienced smoker, but not too intimidating for the beginner.

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