Keep Track Of Your Cigars With A Dossier

Everyone that enjoys cigars knows why they enjoy them, but when asked “Why?” by a fellow connoisseur, we sometimes draw a blank. It’s easy to remember what we don’t like, but it’s a little more difficult to articulate our “Likes” to others when given the opportunity to recommend.

How do you combat that? How to you keep track of the nuances, the flavors, the performance of the cigars that you’ve had over the course of the last several months and years? A good Cigar Dossier will do the trick.


My paper and electronic Dossiers.

Even though the word Dossier (pronounced daw-see-ā) is fancy, the concept doesn’t have to be! While you can get on “the Google” and find one ready made to purchase, it’s even easier to develop your own system and customize a dossier to your liking and style.

A part of being an aficionado in anything is being able to intelligently discuss the hobby or lifestyle that you consider yourself to be an expert in. So, while you’re partaking, jot down or type a note or two, take some pictures to help identify them and save the bands…because after years of enjoying cigars, its very easy to loose track of what you’ve actually had or enjoyed…or not enjoyed.

So, put together a nice Cigar Dossier, so we can go from from:

“Hey Justin, have you had a ______?”
“I’m sure I have…but, err umm, I can’t tell you anything about it! I just know it’s good!”


“Hey, Justin, have you ever had a _____?”
“Why yes…yes I have!”
“What did you think about it?”
“Well, let me tell ya…give me just a second, I have it documented right here!!!”

When we can articulately discuss and break cigars down with one another, we can recommend the truly good stuff, or warn people of the ones that they might want to run away from based on knowing one another’s tastes and palettes. We can help to give ourselves credibility and help to avoid the “I like it…just because…” talk by taking a few minutes and recording our experiences.

For suggestions on how to “Create Your Own Cigar Dossier”, check out my article by the same name HERE at the Montecristo Social Club. Let everyone know what you use to keep track of cigars in the Comments section!

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