B.G. Meyer Standard Issue Eval

As many would argue that Nicaragua is becoming the new standard for fine cigars, the B.G. Meyer Company is looking to reset the gold standard, with it’s first release, the Standard Issue. A result of a collaboration between Hollywood writer, director and producer Rob Weiss, Camacho Cigars and Davidoff of Geneva USA, this project is making a strong attempt to set a new bar in terms of what you would expect from a Nicaraguan puro.

Here is an excerpt from Camacho’s website:

The BG Meyer Standard Issue is a 100% Nicaraguan blend hand-built by AgroIndustrias Laepe S.A., in Danli, Honduras. The cigar is a medium to full intensity smoke featuring five different tobaccos that have aged for up to 8 years.

Awarded “Cigar of the Year” by The Cigar Authority B.G. Meyer Standard Issue consists of:

imageWrapper: Habano Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua (Esteli)
Filler: Nicaragua (Esteli, Jalapa, Ometepe)
Vitola for this review: 5 x 50 Robusto

The first thing ya notice when picking up the Standard Issue is that 95% of the cigar is covered with some type of band. At the foot, a rather standard band, gold, black and white, with the words “B.G.Meyer Standard Issue”. The traditionally placed band toward the cap has a similar look as the first but with the company’s logo with “Legendary” and “Spirit” on each side. Finally and most noticeable, all of the space in between is covered with a thin, parchment-like paper that reads, “The breadth of a man’s spirit is his passion for adventure. A life of merit is not measured by accomplishments, but rather the road traveled to get there. Forging your own path. Embracing the unknown in the search of meaning, excitement, fulfillment. Those searching for an epiphany & the freedom found along the way. The B.G. Meyer company celebrates this journey. Your journey.”









Inspired? Well after reading the motivational transcript on the side of the cigar and re-evaluating my life, I gathered myself and decided to dive in. The wrapper was very attractive, dark and oily. While there were small black patches throughout, it almost look uniformed and by design. The cigar was firm to the touch and sturdily constructed. I took a couple of dry draws just to see what I was getting myself into and it gave off hints of a sweetness and woodiness.

The flavor immediately popped right out at me when I lit it. My experience with Nicaraguan cigars has been that most leaned more toward the bolder side of the spectrum, but the Standard Issue is one that gave me something totally different and balanced. I believe that the complex mixture of fillers really made this puro (all tobaccos grown in the same country) different. By combining tobacco from three of the most prominent growing regions in the country, they were able to take me on a tour of Nicaragua in a little over an hour.

Marrying perfectly and clearly rolled with skill, this blend burned perfectly and gave off large amounts of aromatic smoke. Breaking off at just the right time, the ash was smooth and layered and displayed no real tooth, despite and amount of oils that were clearly in the sheeny wrapper.







The Esteli filler gave me just enough spice and body to remind me that I was partaking in a Nicaraguan cigar. The Jalapa and Ometepe fillers contributed to the creamy, buttery sweetness that I initially smelled on the dry draw. It reminded me of Saturday mornings growing up in the rural Memphis area when my grandmother served us buttered biscuits and molasses. And yes…it really took me there!

Because this eval was of the 5 inch Robusto, there wasn’t a lot of room for change, and the second third gave me a consistent offering of what I got in the first. As I approached the end, the body started to build up as anticipated, but not so much that it took away from how smooth the cigar was. The Standard Issue offered a continuous, flavorful experience from beginning to end.

When trying cigars from different countries to develop one’s palate, I would highly recommend the Standard Issue as you get a little bit of everything from around the whole country of Nicaragua. If this is the new standard for what Nicaragua has to offer, I think we’re all in for a treat!

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