The Cigar Crew Nashville…3rd Year’s a Charm

What started out as a bunch of friends enjoying cigars at cigar-friendly establishments in Nashville has grown into a regional cigar FOTL (Family of the Leaf).

Established three years ago by Everett Jolley and inspired by The Cigar Crew Memphis, the Nashville crew now boasts of over 511 members, most of whom have joined or have started spin-off groups such as the The Cigar Crews of Houston, Murfreesboro, Atlanta, Miami and Clarksville.

Wherever the members are in the world, they are always keeping their fellow aficionados updated with what cigars they are enjoying, new and rare finds, perfect beer, wine and liquor pairings and the latest current events that affect the cigar industry and the crew. The coolest thing about this group is that the love of the leaf goes far beyond a Facebook page. When patronizing local cigar shops, the members make their locations known online, and just like responding to the bat signal, you can guarantee that other members of the crew will show up to fellowship and to enjoy a stogie with one another.

Flyer3rdThis Friday night, March 27, 2015 at 7:00 pm, The Cigar Crew Nashville will be celebrating their 3rd anniversary in style at Battleground Smoke and Spirits in Nolensville, TN. This brick and mortar shop is equipped with a full bar, food, fine cigars and will offer the jazzy sounds of Chris Green and Studio G.

If you are in the Middle Tennessee area on March 27th, make it a priority to celebrate in style with The Cigar Crew Nashville…and if you are not in the Middle Tennessee area that day…you should be, if only for that night. This Family of the Leaf definitely knows how to have a great time, celebrate one another and welcome new members into the fold.

For more information about The Cigar Crew Nashville, check them out on Facebook, Twitter and read about last year’s event HERE.

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