Big Cigars In Lil’ D

Writing about cigars has been something that we have truly enjoyed here at CigaHr. Review after review and educational piece after education piece has naturally evolved into posts about the places that are cigar friendly and where we enjoy our beloved cigars. So this is the first of many posts that I will review and share information about the specific brick and mortars that we visit during our travels.

Visiting the great state of Texas, it was a must that I go to Denton. About 40 miles north of Dallas, Denton is a great college town with tons of personality, hip places to hang out and creative venues to enjoy live music, a beverage and a stogie.

My friends Edwin and Carmen Plenty from the coolest podcast around, Denton, Dallas and Beyond were our hosts for the day. After a great lunch in the town square at the burger joint from heaven, LSA, we began our tour by sitting on the porch of an establishment called East Side Social Club. After choosing our beers from electronic menus hanging from the ceiling (well over 80 craft beers on tap to choose from), we lit up our cigars and enjoyed the breeze and the scenery. With a permanently parked food truck just inches away from the patio, getting woosie from the strength of our cigars was the least of our worries as there was an ample supply of fresh food to fill up with.
Cigar smoked: Vato Cigar, Las Vegas







Next, we walked down the street to pair some cigars with live music at the Harvest House. This open-air building had the coolest courtyard compiled of artistic picnic tables made of railroad ties and an unfinished stage. (Note, the stage was “unfinished” mainly because the Harvest House had just opened and the decorating wasn’t complete). Here, we enjoyed a Man O’ War Puro Authentico blended by AJ Fernandez and a set of jazz from a great local band.
Cigar smoked: Man O’ War Puro Authentico







After partaking in some in-house-made ice cream at Beth Marie’s Old Fashion Ice Cream, we headed to Don’s Smokehouse, the absolute coolest man cave you’ll ever see. Don is a cigar enthusiast whose son, Lane, built a small wooden house in his backyard that was chalked full of liquor-infused cigars and over 40 bourbons to choose from. The most gracious of hosts, Don and his wife let me try some of his prized possession, Pappy Van Winkle bourbon.
Cigar smoked: Something good that had been sprayed with fine bourbon!






Before leaving Denton, the Plenty’s took us to their favorite Brick and Mortar, Cigar Frogs, Denton. Owned by the coolest Texan ever, Joe Durham, Cigar Frogs, Denton had well over 30 different brands of cigars in the humidor, coolers full of beer to choose from and a cigar patio that any aficionado would enjoy on the hottest or the coldest of days. Every table underneath the covered and fenced-in patio had its own gas burning fire pit with lava rocks to “thwart the cold weather.”
Cigar Smoked: Montecristo Texas Edition







We were actually sad leaving Denton, as we only had one day to enjoy it. While the city itself isn’t all that big, there were definitely big things going on in Lil’ D. Please patronize these great businesses…and next time I go, I’ll let everyone know so that we can meet up there and enjoy some beverages and some fine cigars. Denton, TX, I’ll definitely be back soon!



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