Nat Sherman Timeless Eval

Until about three years ago, people newer to the cigar lifestyle may not have even heard of Nat Sherman. If they had heard the name, it may have been because they had heard of the famous tobacco shop that has been a staple in New York City for almost a century.

NSClockHowever, if you’ve picked up any cigar publication recently, you’d know that the Shermans have been blending cigars for a long, long time. So long in fact that the “1930” and iconic clock on the cigar band gives us the time stamp of when Mr. Sherman began his longstanding legacy.

The “reemergence”, if you will, started at the 2012 International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) tradeshow in Las Vegas, NV when the Nat Sherman company introduced their newest creations.

The Nat Sherman Timeless
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan







The Timeless has a beautiful reddish hue on an oily wrapper. There was visible tooth in the wrapper that gave the cigar a nice texture and I anticipated seeing the small round bumps on the ash as I smoked. The 2 sticks for this review were flawlessly wrapped, slightly box-pressed but a bit soft to the touch/squeeze.

I tasted loads of black pepper on the initial few draws. There were hints of chocolate as I smoked through the first third with a bit of sweetness on the retrohale.







My Timeless was burning a little quickly, so I had to slow it down so not to alter the taste. This also helped with the burn line as it had begun to get a little uneven. The body began to pick up for me on the second third. There were some notes of coffee and the Timeless began to taste woody.

Finishing up, the flavors stayed consistent and there was not a lot of change from second third. There was not nearly as much spice as in the beginning, yet still robust and rich enough to stay interesting…ending with tastes of some dark cocoa and earthiness.







Overall, the Timeless was a pleasant smoke at a great price point around $8.00. I wished that there had been more tobacco in the filler to help it burn a little slower and to give it a stronger and firmer feel. Having enjoyed a few of the Nat Sherman tobacco cigarettes, I felt like the timeless was a larger version of the products that have kept the company relevant all of these years. I believe that now that the Shermans are back in the practice of producing new, quality cigars, we will be in for some treats that will indeed be endless…even Timeless.

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