The Larceny Project Eval

Fresh off the cigar presses is the Larceny Project, the new joint venture between Ortega Cigar Company’s Eddie Ortega and El Primer Mundo’s Sean Williams. This special limited release (only 400 boxes) was born as the two blenders and faces of their respective brands created blends that they in essence “took” from the other.


The project consists of a 20-count box of two totally different cigars, one for Eddie and one for Sean. The sticks brandish simple bands displaying the names:

EPL Larceny (Brown)
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Oscuro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan


Ortega Larceny (Red)
Wrapper: San Andreas Maduro
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

IMG_1174Both produced by the La Zona Cigar Factory in Estelí, Nicaragua, these cigars work together to cover multiple ends of the flavor spectrum. The 6 1/2 x 52 toros are limited to a very specific set of retailers or “Larcenists“. I suggest that if you’re fortunate enough to be remotely close to any of these brick and mortar shops that you pick up both as quantities are limited.

I was able to grab all of these sticks at UPtown’s Smoke Shop in Nashville, TN. Because I was so eager to get my hands on these, it was difficult for me not to fire them all up immediately after purchase. Letting my patience and judgement take over, I let them sit a few days in my humidor so I could let all of the “shipping” wear off. All of the cigars oozed of the quality I expect from both of these guys. The chocolate-colored wrappers look extremely consistent and smooth. Giving them a little squeeze, they were firm and presented a great amount of oils. Let’s talk some more about what they had to offer!

Ortega Larceny (Red)
On light, the Ortega Larceny gave off of scents of cream and started off very smooth and flavorful. Through the first third, it offered up a brown sugar sweetness with hints of and cinnamon and transitioned into a coffee like sweetness and boldness. Some of the oils really started shining through on the wrapper and it actually got prettier as I smoked…and small amounts of tooth became present in the thick, strong ash.

The draw was medium and it loosened considerable as I made my way into the second third through the end. Huge amounts of smoke were being produced from each draw. Underneath the thick cloud it gave off, the flavor remained consistent and the body was a nice medium to full.





EPL Larceny (Brown)
Right from the start, this cigar burst with red pepper-like spice and nutty notes. The aroma was a bit more on the traditional tobacco side with a lingering spice on the back of the tongue. After a few puffs, I began to taste a pleasant, non-bitter citrus zest that opened up my sinuses. Right before I hit the second third, the pepper tapered off and there were slight cocoa notes on the retrohale.

Just like it’s counterpart, the burn on this cigar was very even and produced a great amount of smoke with a earthy aroma, complete with a thick ash that never wanted to fall off on its own.







I look forward to seeing the end results of the Larceny Project. Whether these turn into separate releases or if they continue to ship them together, this is definitely a box set that has something for every palette…those that prefer something on the sweeter side and those that like some spice and kick. It’s almost like the need to have both salty and sweet food in one sitting, the peppery EPL Larceny and sweet Ortega Larceny compliment one another and give you some options depending on what your cigar needs are for the particular moment.

Be sure to check out the works of both of these master blenders at your local tobacconists or on their websites at El Primer Mundo Cigars and Ortega Cigar Company.

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