La Imperiosa by Crowned Heads Pre-Release

IMG_1594I’ll tell you how crazy this week has been. On June 16th I began doing an Eval on the 2015 Las Calaveras from Crowned Heads. Later that day, I see an article online that the La Imperiosa (original 2014 Las Calaveras) is being re-branded and released immediately after IPCPR 2015 in July. On June 17th I find out while visiting UPtowns Smoke Shop in Nashville, TN that Crowned Heads is doing a pre-release on June 19th (only one box of each size) to only a handful of shops, in which UPtowns happen to be one of.

As if the anticipation wasn’t enough for the 2015 Las Calaveras, now they’re gonna throw in last year’s blockbuster hit just a month later! Let’s just say I know several people who are going to lose their ever-lovin’ minds over this one. Especially now that it will be in regular production and readily available in a few weeks.

So, if you are in the Green Hills area, you loved the 2014 Las Calaveras Edicion Limitada, and you’re still disappointed that you didn’t stock up last year; you get another shot at them before July 2015. Now as the La Imperiosa!


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