EloGio Serie Habano Eval

Tobacco roots run deep, literally and figuratively. And while so many new cigars hit the market each year, heck, each month, it’s good to kinda go in reverse a bit and enjoy some of the great sticks that have a few years under them. So when looking for an older hidden gem in the humidor, I was directed to the EloGio shelf.

While the literal roots for this cigar are Cuban-seed Habano grown in Ecuador, the roots of the Master Blender for EloGio, Carlos G. Pereda (Robaina) run just as deep in Cuba. A descendent of the renowned Cuban tobacco grower Don Alejandro Robaina, Carlos keeps the tradition of fine cigar making going with a taste he says is reminiscent of his home town San Luis, Cuba. Researching the lineage, many sites refer to Robaina as Carlos’ grandfather, but I happened upon a site where Carlos himself can Don Robaina his great-uncle.

Nonetheless, the EloGio Serie Habano is comprised of:

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

IMG_2296One thing to note when searching out the Serie Habano is that the bands on a few of EloGios, the Serie Habano, Robusto Especial and the LSV are all very similar, so one must pay close attention to the modest, plain boxes or retail labeling when selecting. This particular line sported a simple gold circle with “EloGio” in black lettering with a burgundy and hunter green triangle on each side.

I selected two Serie Habanos for my evaluation, punching one and using my guillotine to cut the other. The difference in the amount of air that I was able to draw from the cigar greatly impacted the taste. I much preferred the second one in which I used a straight cut. Not necessary, just my preference!

The tightly wrapped and firm robusto was reddish-brown and boasted some think veins. Pre-light, the EloGio gave off a scent of wood with some slight floral notes that changed quickly upon light to slightly peppery, dry sweetness. The feeling in my mouth after the first few puffs was similar to the taste I get after drinking unsweet tea. The draw started out a little tough on both, but loosened up nicely for me as I made my way about an inch in.







Rounding 2nd, I begin to pick up more of a dark chocolate taste and some light spice akin to nutmeg. Really picking up in fullness, I found myself underneath some really thick and chewy clouds of smoke. Never loosing it crispness along the burn line through the first half of smoking, I’d give the Serie Habano a great rating in construction. As I smoked into the final portion, I’ll admit that I let the burns get a little wavy, much of which I contributed to taking too much time between draws. None of this affected the flavors or my experience, just my slight OCD when it comes to maintaining a perfectly lit stick.

As my Serie Habano experience came to a close, I had some prevalent but not unpleasant tobacco aftertastes and it finished off very smooth and cool. There was no harshness or unbearable heat to speak of, even though I smoked it down to my wittle fingers. EloGio is definitely on my watch list now, as this particular cigar gave me just enough goodness to want revisit more of their portfolio.

The EloGio Serie Habano was purchased for this review at Uptown’s Smoke Shop in Nashville, TN and retails between $6-$7.

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