New CigaHr Contributor

When I started CigaHr in 2013, my vision was to not only produce content that everyone could enjoy, relate to, and learn from, but content that could reach all and represent all. As we’ve grown in support, it was also time to grow in perspective.

To aid in this growth and to bring you an even more diverse view into the world of cigars, Demeka “Nicety” Fritts has officially joined our team. Offering her own unique take on cigar culture, Demeka is a fresh new face and a fresh voice that will enable CigaHr to bring you more of what you’ve come to enjoy from this site.

nice ashA former fashion model and native Nashvillian, Demeka’s interests include cooking, fishing, history, trivia and of course, smoking cigars. Lover of good spirits and good conversation, Demeka was drawn to the leaf through social connections, where it quickly became a lifestyle. A member of The Cigar Crew Nashville and The Cigar Women of Nashville, Demeka also blogs for a local radio station and specializes in promotion and marketing.

Please join me Family of the Leaf (FOTL) in welcoming Demeka to CigaHr and thank you in advance for your continued support and readership!

Demeka can be contacted via email HERE.

Justin Harris

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