Sindicato Cigar Eval

What do you get when you assemble over 40 cigar retailers, wanting to explore a different side of the industry, in one room? You get over 40 people that can relate to one another’s needs and know what shop owners and their clients need in a cigar company and its product.

In 2013, this syndicate of cigar loving business-people pooled their knowledge of the industry and their love of the leaf together to form the Sindicato Cigar Group LLC, a company that prides itself on the value of trust with a “retailer and customer first” mission and mindset.

Led by President/CEO Jim Colucci, formerly of Executive V.P. of Sales and marketing for Altadis USA, Sindicato is trying to make a splash in the cigar industry with their flagship cigar, the Sindicato Natural.

Sindicato Natural
Wrapper: Shade Grown Corojo Jalapa, Nicaragua
Binder: Double Binder Esteli, Nicaragua
Filler: Esteli & Jalapa Nicaragua
Vitola for Eval: 48 x 5.5, Corona Gorda

IMG_2598 IMG_2597 IMG_2596 IMG_2601






The construction of this cigar is special, literally from end to end, head to foot. Box pressed, shaggy foot and a pigtail to boot, provide an aesthetically pleasing stick. Caramel in color, this natural version is surprisingly light in weight, though you can tell that it’s packed full of tobacco when giving it a slight squeeze. Whenever I encounter a pigtail on a cigar like this, I always cut it right below the tail. Sometimes even simply twisting it off serves the purpose, ensuring that not too much is taken off while still allowing plenty of air to flow through. The slight cut provided a great, medium loose draw after toasting and lighting.

IMG_2603 IMG_2604 IMG_2605 IMG_2599






My Sindicato started off with strong floral notes and hints of unsweetened coffee, creamy but no sugars to mention. It transitioned smoothly a little more than half way through with some woody, oak notes and lingering, non-overbearing spice. Burning darn near perfectly all the way to the end, the Sindicato was well put together as the group seemingly made sure to put construction at the top of their priority list as well. The Natural has definitely peaked my interest and motivated me to try a couple of their other blends, especially the Maduro version of this cigar. Retailing around $10 per stick, if I was ever pondering what to pick up while walking through a brick & mortar shop, I’d surely consider grabbing one of these, lighting it right then, and enjoying a cigar made by retailers…for retailers…with a retailer.

Cigars for this eval were purchased at UPtown’s Smoke Shop in Nashville, TN.

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