A Family That Smokes Cigars Together…

Cigars and the love of the leaf can sometimes create divides for a multitude of reasons in relationships; or they can make households stronger. Some couples embrace the cigar aficionado lifestyle, using it for opportunities to spend quality time together, to network or to relax. Others reject it, citing concerns for health, the financial investment or the amount of time spent separately while one partakes.

IMG_2839According to The Wall Street Journal …relationship researchers have long believed that couples who try new interests and recreational pursuits together—especially active ones—are happier. Shared experiences bring novelty to a relationship and help prevent boredom and complacency. New experiences also can activate the brain’s reward system, flooding it with powerful neurochemicals related to pleasure and bonding—the same circuits triggered when a person first falls in love. But according to some we’ve spoken with, one can’t really enjoy them if the other is trying to do the same thing.

IMG_2579Recently, Demeka and I were hanging out at Battleground Smokes and Spirits and several members of The Cigar Crew Nashville began to debate whether or not couples could co-exist in the leaf, or if there was only room for one cigar lover in a couple. Here were some of the points that were made:

  • “Cigars are my getaway! If we both smoke all of the time, I’ll no longer have that me time!”
  • “When I’m on the porch, you’re on the porch! This is my chance to get away.”
  • “Should all hobbies be shared?”
  • “Enjoying cigars together is cool…but there should be a limit.”
  • “Its all about balance. We can both enjoy them occasionally together, but everyone needs their own hobby too!”
  • “Don’t you want your own thing?!?”
  • “I can get my own locker, screw you!”
  • “It’s about mutual sacrifice, compromise and adjustments.”

The heated discussion (which has been edited for this post) was truly interesting and there were great points from everyone involved…especially as both females and males, couples and single folks were represented. We acknowledged that there are many couples in our circle alone that met because of cigars…attending and frequenting the same cigar friendly events, shops and establishments. We’ve seen couples that are seemingly held together by the same glue used to roll cigars and couples that only have room for one passion, seemingly cut like a guillotine to a triple cap.

IMG_2840So we want your opinions! We pose the question to you. Can relationships work when both people enjoy cigars? Should it be something that is occasionally enjoyed by both or should the person that loves them be left alone to their pastime? Is their room in your home or relationship for “his” and “hers” humidors?

Let us know what you think in the comments section or on the Social Media post in which you saw this! We look forward to hearing from you.

7 thoughts on “A Family That Smokes Cigars Together…

  1. My husband introduced me to cigars a few years ago. I started with the flavored cigarillos and have developed a palate for more complex cigars. I must admit that I was at first hesitant to the lifestyle. But, can admit that I have grown to LOVE IT! I am person that loves to learn new things and can appreciate the adventure of trying a cigar for the first time. From the cut, to the cold draw to the last third. I’m always strapped in for the ride. In regards to whether or not a couple can truly enjoy this lifestyle together. My answer is YES! Of course we smoke together. But, one of my favorite times to smoke is alone in the morning after I’ve had breakfast. I refresh my coffee mug and settle in for time with nature and my stick. As I’m sure with most couples this is not our only hobby. Therefore, we have plenty of time to enjoy “alone time”. This just happens to be one that we both enjoy.


  2. Carmen and I occasionally enjoy a cigar together, but I probably smoke 20 for every 1 she smokes. But I always enjoy her company and she’ll frequently hang out even if she’s not smoking.


  3. While I believe that everyone in life should be able to enjoy life’s pleasures alone whenever possible, there’s something very liberating about being able to share your true passion with your partner. It’s gratifying from a psychological standpoint to have “me” time and decompress from life’s worries…emotionally though it’s more fulfilling to have the person you love the most not only accept your passion as yours, but to take it on as theirs also. Besides, I believe it’s sexy to see your partner indulge in something you have a love and truly enjoy it, knowing that without your introduction to it they probably would have never taken part.


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