The Epoca by Nat Sherman

Are you looking for a full flavored cigar that is medium strength? Are you wondering what cigar would go well with your breakfast and morning coffee? Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, “I sure would like to taste a hint of fall in my cigar…something to enjoy with that pumpkin ale or Octoberfest later tonight.” The Epoca by Nat Sherman is your solution.

Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Dominican Republic
Filler: Dominican Republic / Nicaragua
Vitola of Eval: Knickerboxer 7 x 48
Strength: Medium

IMG_3179Epoca was the first cigar brand owned by Nat Sherman. It is rumored that in 1929, Mr. Sherman won the rights to the brand in a poker game. The original 1930’s blend consisted of Cuban tobacco grown here in the US. Today the Epoca is blended with Nicaraguan and Dominican grown Cuban-seed tobaccos, finished with a beautiful Ecuadorian wrapper. The cigar boxes are a replica of the original boxes from the early 1900s.

The Epoca is light in appearance, has a bumpy texture and is very veiny. The label is simplistic and classic with gold, white and red boxes surrounding the name Epoca. I loved the aroma of this cigar. It felt like waking up to fresh muffins in a tobacco field. Squeezing the stick you can tell that it is packed tightly with tobacco and that you would not be short changed on the filler. The Kickboxer is the line’s longest vitola at 7 inches.

epocaThis cigar has an easy draw. And each time I smoked this particular stick it is very consistent in draw and flavor. The Epoca is well constructed and produces a nice ash (review Having A Nice Ash Matters). The flavor profile slightly changed throughout. The cigar began on a sweeter note (not like fruit sweet or sugar sweet more like a graham cracker sweet) and becomes less sweet while notes of wood and nut come to the forefront with time. I also picked up on very faint flavors of pepper.

I think it’s fitting to note that the first time I was introduced to the Epoca was at a cigar lounge where there was live jazz. The stick paired perfectly with the relaxing atmosphere, mellow sounds and a sweeter cocktail. I guess it would also be appropriate to fire one up at your local poker game as well in honor of Mr. Sherman.

The Epoca for this eval was purchased at Battleground Smokes & Spirits.

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