Take Your List and Smoke It!

download‘Tis the season for “Best of” lists. While I enjoy checking them out at year-end, I refrain from doing them as I hate “rating” cigars as it’s so subjective. I like to say what there is to enjoy about every stick, as I feel that even the ones I don’t care for as much have something to offer someone. I also hate when I don’t see any releases from that year on a best of list for that year. It could just be me though. Maybe I’m too picky.

2015; however, was a big year in the industry…from new releases, to leadership changes, to acquisitions, to unique collaborations, to pending legislation that can make or break our beloved industry. With so much activity in the world of cigars, I’d like to share a special list that made this year a great one for us here at CigaHr instead of just digging up old reviews.

This was a record-breaking year for CigaHr as we:

  • Grew our following and readership
  • Established ourselves as a fresh new voice in the cigar blogasphere
  • Added a contributor to help reach a larger audience and to touch more lovers of the leaf
  • Joined Cigar Rights of America and personally contacted lawmakers to voice concerns about FDA regulation of the premium cigar industry
  • Achieved Certified Consumer Tobacconist (CCT) status through Tobacconist University
  • Met with, spoke to and enjoyed cigars with dozens of great people in and out of the industry
  • Traveled to and enjoyed Brick & Mortar shops literally all over the country
  • Forged new business and personal relationships over a cigar…or 3
  • Positioned ourselves to share bigger and better content in 2016

nice ash

CRA08small260x190CCT Badge





So while my list doesn’t exactly compare to all of the ones you’re reading on the various cigar publications, it’s one that I’m proud of and hope to add to in the new year.

Thank you so much for supporting this site. We appreciate you for reading and sharing our posts. We appreciate you for all of your comments and opinions. We appreciate you for “Liking” our material on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterset, Google +, and LinkedIn. We thank you for chatting with us, smoking great premium cigars with us and for humoring us as we’ve attempted to make a mark and carve a little niche of our own in the cigar industry.

FOTL (Family of the Leaf) you are like no other and I wouldn’t trade you for anything. Smoke well this holiday season and let’s do it bigger and better in 2016. We’ll herf with ya next year!

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