Cigars for the Holidays

As we are deep into the holiday season, we at CigaHr thought we give you a quick guide as to what type of cigar or cigar accessory (in my best Hank Hill voice) to give to the special aficionado in your life.

If your s/o (significant other), sweetie, baby, boo thang doesn’t enjoy premium cigars, read the rest of this article anyway and buy yourself something nice! But word to the wise, do NOT get a locker at your favorite cigar bar and claim that it was for them after you get busted…trust me.

So check out the categories below and shop accordingly:

The Novice Aficionado
IMG_4295This is the person that is curious about and/or new to cigars, partakes only for special events, or socially herfs while around other that smoke cigars. You can get them reasonably priced, mild to medium cigars with a great flavor like the Undercrown Shade, Principle Cigar’s Accomplice or the La Sirena King Poseidon. The goal here is to give them a good stick that won’t be too strong for palate. You want to encourage the love of the leaf, not make them sick and regretful.

The Intermediate Aficionado
IMG_4299This is the guy or gal that enjoys a stick every once in a while. They have a developed enough palate to know what flavors, strength and complexity they look for in a cigar. For the Intermediate I would suggest a Padron Exclusivo or a Montecristo Espada Guard Habano Toro. These are a little bit pricier…but hey, it’s the holidays! And what is a better gift than a “Let me help acquaint you with the world of higher-end cigars” cigar.

The Expert Aficionado
These folks truly know their stuff and are harder to buy cigars for. They have risen through the ranks and found their place in the world of premium cigars. It will be kinda hard to impress this person so one has to get creative. Your best bet would be to get something that only comes out once a year like Santa Claus; the Arturo Fuente Opus X or Anejo #77. Like I said earlier, it’s hard to impress this smoker but they will appreciate the quality of your gift!

If you’d like to “stick” to accessories, we’ve listed below some great gift ideas for all aficionados. You can never go wrong with these suggestions for any lover of the leaf, no matter their level of expertise.

Butane Torch Lighter

Guillotine Cigar cutter

Travel Humidor

Desktop Humidor

Premium Ash Tray (not your normal run of the mill cigarette ash tray) 


Cigar Case


And you can never fail with a gift card to a local brick and mortar cigar shop


If you decide to give the special cigar aficionado in your life a gift, I’m pretty sure that they will enjoy whatever you decide to get them. Also remember that you don’t have to wait until the holidays to gift them something awesome.

Happy Holidays!

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