Tierra Volcán Fino Eval


Markus Raty, President of Tierra Volcán

I love surprises. And on one of my typical nights visiting The Smoker’s Abbey to do some writing it just so happened to be the night that Markus Raty (President) and Glynn Segars (Broker) of Tierra Volcán Cigars were in town. I follow them on Instagram and I noticed earlier that day that they were in East Tennessee. I messaged them saying, “Hey! Wish you guys would stop in Nashville!” to which they replied a few hours later, “We’re IN Nashville!” I immediately hopped in my car and drove up the street to smoke a cigar with these guys and chat!

Wrapper: Nicaragua
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Vitola for Eval: Fino, 6 x 44

Tierra Volcán boasts on its website that it’s factory and environment, Casa Mombacho (located in Granada at the foot of the Volcano Mombacho), is like a true cigar experience that “lulls one into a state of deep relaxation and slows time to a near standstill, where it is shared with friends or family, or appreciated in peaceful solitude.”

Coming 16 to a box, this eye-catcher pulls one in with it’s bright yellow, volcano-shaped double-band (on the neck and foot) with brown trim. In addition to the color scheme, the Volcán boasts on the label that it’s not just Hecto a Mano (Made by Hand), but that it is Totalmente A Mano or TOTALLY Made by Hand. I like the definitive statement!

IMG_4326 IMG_4332 IMG_4327 IMG_4328 IMG_4329






I found it difficult to choose a size to enjoy as it seemed to come in every vitola imaginable. From 26″ ring gauge Cigarritos or “Volcanitos” to a 54″ Grande Toro, Tierra Volcán definitely kept everyone in mind when determining sizes. I had previously smoked the Classico (55″) so for this eval I decided to roll with the Fino with a 44″ ring gauge.

The Volcán Fino fit perfectly between my fingers and seemed to be a carefully crafted, well-made cigar. Using a guillotine cut, the draw was spot on and smooth, giving notes of coffee and chocolate. The first third stayed true to the dry draw (which I appreciated; no bait and switch) and tasted of semi-sweet dark chocolate, black coffee, butter and natural tobacco.

Burning decently into the second third, my Fino went a little uneven at times but quickly corrected itself with a little rest between draws. I had to relight it on one sample, but that could be attributed to me pausing too long between draws.

IMG_4331 IMG_4335 IMG_4338 IMG_4339 IMG_4337






I typically expect Nicaragua puros to be spice bombs, but the Volcán offered just a little pepper on the retrohale and stayed creamier and smooth than anticipated. Rounding second, the Tierra Volcán Fino transitioned to unsweet tea and woodiness. The chocolatey sweetness that I loved in the beginning faded a bit as I smoked through the midpoint.

The ash is gray and flaky, falling off easily as I rest my Fino in the ashtray. From my experience, this isn’t the stick of choice to use in a “Long Ash” contest. This didn’t take away from my experience at all as I’m not a “long asher’, but I just felt that it’s my duty to pass that that info along as some of you like that kind of stuff.

On the finish, my Fino transitioned to notes of earth and woodiness. After removing the bands I noticed that each was stamped with its “Born On” or production date. Mine both were made in May of 2015 so I got a good 6 to 7 months worth of sitting of resting. I had hoped that the smaller ring gauge would give me a little more complexity in flavor and a little less of the non-complex natural tobacco notes that I picked up. The Volcán was never unpleasant but I would say that the larger ring gauges, in my opinion, offer more complexity and a wider array of flavors. Nonetheless, the smaller size served its purpose and was a good economical smoke. Retailing for a little less than $8, I look forward to seeing what else the team at Tierra Volcán comes out with in the future and they’ll definitely be on the CigaHr radar.

The Tierra Volcán Fino for this eval was purchased at The Smoker’s Abbey in East Nashville.

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