Where We Smokin’?

…is not just a question of logistics. “Where we smokin’?” is akin to a Bat Signal with a cigar cutter in the center. It’s a call to action, a tactical maneuver that lets everyone on the receiving end know that lies are about to be told, beverages are about to be consumed and cigars are about to be smoked. The Regulators didn’t ask Warren G where they were going when he said “Mount Up!”, they just did it!


When some says “Where we smokin’?” business owners know that a crowd is coming and that they will be patronized, beer taps will be stretched to capacity, and carb-heavy foods will be consumed. When the signal goes out the only required attire is thick skin for the jokes (for being the butt of it or the joke being about your butt), dancing shoes, and pants that one doesn’t mind a rogue ash falling on.

Person-Excited-at-ComputerWhen an aficionado sees “Where we smokin’?”, it’s time to hit the “Like” button and pay attention to the Facebook notifications. It’s the queue to kiss the spouse and kids goodnight because we’ll be out for the remainder of the night. Any work that isn’t already done by this time won’t. Why? Because from the time ones leaves their home it will take at least 6 hours, 2-3 cigars and several stories before they return.

So what’s the whole point of the cigar herf (cigar gathering)? Why do these three little words cause people to change their plans and drive out of their way? Because there’s nothing like being in a setting where everyone is enjoying the same things in life. There’s nothing like being in a diverse crowd that has one very special thing in common. There are few feelings that compare to the family/friend reunions had over quality cigars.

When the call goes out, don’t question it, just act. When the signal illuminates, grab the lighter that is butane-full and the cutter that you don’t mind walking off, because it’s going to be a good night. While you may not remember everything that happens, you’ll remember enough to where you’ll want to repeat it soon…and there will be plenty of material to discuss the next time. So where we smokin’? Anywhere and everywhere…and save me a seat because I’m on my way.

TCCNThis post is dedicated to The Cigar Crew Nashville as they celebrate their 4th Anniversary at Battleground Smokes and Spirits on March 11, 2016, 6 pm – 1 am.


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