The FDA and Our Options

Premium tobacco is green, not red or blue. It’s beyond party lines personal agendas. The FDA is made up of both parties, and they’re negatively affecting our beloved culture, business both home and abroad, and the livelihoods of thousands around the world. We must take our frustration and convert it into action.

I’ve gotten email responses from both sides of the political isle telling me “you’ll shoot your eye out kid” and that they support the FDA’s efforts to impact and “improve” health, so this is far bigger than Democrat and Republican. We can’t afford to be divisive. When the Family of the Leaf isn’t on one accord, we all lose. Let’s band together in action and stop focusing on party affiliations, because none of them our addressing our issues as voters and constituents. Let’s support those that are fighting for us. Please click on all of the links below to voice our concerns and needs.

call_to_actionCigar Rights of America “Petition

Cigar Rights of America “Join”

International Premium Cigar & Pipe Retailers (IPCPR) “Action Alert!”

Food & Drug Administration (FDA) “Contact Us”

The time is now! It’s not to late to let the FDA know that we won’t stand for the unnecessary and heavy-handed regulation of the Premium Cigar industry. As Brother of the Leaf Kennedy Achille said on his latest episode of Stogie TV, “stop just taking pictures of your cigars and fight to keep them!”

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