Regius Exclusivo USA Oscuro Especial Eval

European cigar aficionados oftentimes lean toward Cuban cigars than US blends, as in many other countries Cubans are readily available and are a sign of luxury and prestige. When releasing brands in those countries, it’s critical for cigars to have many of the same qualities (look, feel, and taste) of those that hail from the island nation, including the cost. So when entering the US cigar market, Regius Cigars of London, England decided that they would move away from their cubanesque blends and create a line of cigars that would appeal to the modern palates that stateside aficionados have come to develop over the last couple of decades.

IMG_0966The 2016 release of the Regius Exclusivo USA Oscuro Especial (Blue) line completes the Red, White and Blue set by offering a full-bodied cigar, flavorful cigar that would appeal to those that appreciate flavor, premium tobacco and the prestige that Regius Cigars are known for overseas.

Regius Exclusivo USA Oscuro Especial
Wrapper: Mexican San Andres
Vitola for Eval:
5 1/2 x 52 Box-pressed Toro 

The Regius Exclusivo USA Oscuro, produced at the Placensia factory in Nicaragua, is super dark and super oily. At first glance one would automatically assume that it’s robust and powerful. With a beautiful chocolate colored Mexican wrapper, the box-pressed toro is visually appealing and creates the anticipation of a good long smoke and a curiosity that can only be quenched by cutting and firing it up.

With little resistance in the draw upon using a straight, guillotine cut, the Exclusivo USA Oscuro starts surprisingly mild with notes of dark, dried fruit and sweetness. Very little spice was present during the first third of the cigar and cigar produced a ample amount of the smoke.







As I made my way into the second third, I found my mouth beginning to water a bit more than normal as the dark fruit transitioned slightly to a citrus taste and more pepper emerged. The body definitely started to build as the burn remained spot on with no need to retouch through the first 20-30  minutes. I also started to pick up pencil-like woody notes as I began to reach the first band.







IMG_1113Boasting that the Exclusivo USA Oscuro is their most full-bodied cigar to date, my experience was one that would classify it as Medium-Full, with a collection of complex flavors. The overall impressions of dark fruit, cocoa and mild spice were pleasant ones that definitely make it worthy of trying and/or revisiting. The premium Regius Exclusivo USA Oscuro has a semi-premium price tag retailing between $9 and $12 dollars, so while it may not be priced as an everyday cigar it can be one that is enjoyed often and may be a cigar that I let age a little to pull out on a special occasion.

The Regius Exclusivo USA Oscuro Especial box-pressed toro for this eval was purchased at UPtown’s Smoke Shop in Nashville, TN.

Flavor wheel created using the Humidex App.

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