Cigar Nights

Sometimes you just want to enjoy a cigar among friends in an environment where you can hear yourself think and engage your companions in conversation. Take a break from reviewing, hit the pause button on legislation, and save lists and tips for another day. And nothing beats getting an unexpected Saturday afternoon text from a friend that simply says, “Let’s roll out and hit a few stogie establishments”. After a quick review of the evening schedule reply, “I’m in!”

First things first, one must grab the proper supplies to ensure efficiency and to limit any last minutes runs or unnecessary stops. If your cigar night includes patronizing an establishment that sells cigars, having your own sticks is somewhat secondary, but it won’t hurt to bring a few more in case the party gets extended or moves to another locale. So what do you need…outside of some cool, down-to-earth folks to hang out with? Let’s break down the Cigar Night necessity kit.

Lighter/Cutter Combo
You knew what we were coming to do! If cigars were a part of the plan from inception, then everyone is aware of the need for sharp, blade-like instruments and butane. Now, I’m very particular about what I use to prepare and enjoy my cigars, but the basic rule is to just have something with you that can get you started. Sharing these items can suck, as people that actually come prepared don’t want their prized tools “walking off” without them…they don’t want people licking their cigars before cutting with their instrument…they don’t want you emptying out the tank of their freshly filled lighter to light your petit corona. After all, doctors don’t make house calls and ask for best steak knives…contractors don’t come to fix your cabinets and ask if you have a saw they can use…your Uber driver doesn’t say, “I thought we were taking your car!”

For added class and aesthetics, get a combo that matches, a set that you put some thought into, not just a set that was free at an event. You want to look as if you’ve done this before; like you take pride in your craft and invest in the lifestyle.


Proper Attire
If we’re just bar hoppin’ it, then we don’t have to get strict with the dress code. But if there are grown and sexy establishments or events on the itinerary, everyone rollin’ must step their game up. While herfing and socializing are the focus, we all still need to feel comfortable with the dress of the group. That shirt you mowed the lawn in earlier, burn it. Those sweatpants you wear every night while watching reality shows, ditch ’em. Cigar Nights are the time to get hair gel out, get the fresh shave, wear the comfortable yet classy shoes and comb the ponytail out, because you never know who we’ll meet, what we’ll see and whether our pictures will end up on our cigar group’s Facebook page, Cigar & Leisure or Cigar Aficionado. Always be picture ready.


Your Own Money
Isn’t it always the person with no money that drinks/smokes the most (and the most expensive stuff) that reply to the call-to-action first?!? While your Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf have no issue with buying a round or treating someone, everyone must come prepared to reciprocate. No mooches allowed on Cigar Nights. There are no free rides or smokes on Cigar Nights. Everyone must contribute on Cigar Nights or just don’t reply to the text! Finally, lovers of the leaf are a classy bunch that smoke well, drink well and just as importantly tip well. So allot funds in the budget for the servers, hostesses and valets that help you to keep the party going.


Travel Humidor
…or at the very least a gallon-size Ziploc bag! When the establishment doesn’t provide sticks, it’s important that the group doesn’t run out…or else it will just be called a “Night” instead of a Cigar Night. If you have a limited collection of cigars, at the very least have enough yourself. We don’t want to take advantage of our generous team member that collects cigar or buys in bulk. Unless they are a cigar supplier (an even then we shouldn’t be greedy), we should make sure they enjoy themselves as well without holding them responsible for being our personal cigar rep for the night. Trade, barter, offer, but don’t come expecting the good stuff while putting nothing on the table. Don’t be that guy or gal.



Memorable, entertaining, fulfilling. That’s what these Cigar Nights are all about. The chance to unwind, fellowship with good people and enjoy premiums cigars the way they were meant to be enjoyed. When everyone brings their finest to the table, the finest experience is had by all. Come loose, come with an open mind, and come ready, as we may not make it home until tomorrow…

“ain’t no doubt we are here to party
(Cigar Nights) come on now got to get it started
get that groove let it take you higher
(Cigar nights) make it move set this place on fire…
’cause Cigar Nights are always the best in town.”
Boogie Nights – Heatwave, 1976

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