First the FDA, Now Southwest Airlines

Conspiracy-Theory-1024x729I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but how is it that headed into the most important week of the year for the cigar industry does a major airline have a technical glitch and basically shut down. As I type this post, I am supposed to be in Las Vegas plotting my course for the week at IPCPR…seminars, pool parties, meetings, pool parties, dinners and pool parties.

But no! Southwest Airlines’ flights are backed up, overbooked and/or cancelled all together, altering the plans and inconveniencing several people in the cigar industry who simply want to spend the week being introduced to new people, new product and new insight regarding the implementation of premium cigar regulation. This “computer issue” that was supposedly rectified a few days ago seemingly/conveniently forgot to include flights to Las Vegas in their “fix”.

e156e70f486776fe3c358972ac9184ed71d389a3ba0111873171c4206a7c1401So as I sit here in my office, still packed and waiting for my flight 36 hours later, my pisstivity can only lead me to the conclusion that the FDA might have had a hand in this. Have they have even gotten to the airlines asking them to help stifle our progress and to help make sure that cigar lovers and manufacturers are not able to convene to strategize and to do business?

I’m watching you Southwest. I’ve been watching you FDA. And I vow that I will do everything in my power to ensure that I not only get to IPCPR 2016, but that I help to implement a plan to take down (legally and peacefully of course) you taker-downers. Oh yeah, I’m paying attention to the both of youz…and I’ll be paying even closer attention while I’m going through security too!


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