Take a One-Hour Cigar Vacation

I love the beach as much as the next person, but most working adults don’t always have the luxury of taking extended time off from the J.O.B. and leaving their day-to-days behind. We’re constantly shown images of private islands, resorts and 12-star hotels (exaggeration) where we can enjoy our cigars, but in our lifetime it’s highly unlikely that we’ll even be in the remote vicinity of most of those locales. And if we were, they probably wouldn’t even let us in.

So what’s the average, everyday cigar smoker to do when some alone time is needed… when they want to enjoy their premium tobacco without distraction and worry, while still being able to appreciate them and the nature that’s surrounding them?

img_0390Sometimes it’s as simple as carving out an hour to an hour and a half in a backyard staring at trees and the smoke that’s rising from an ashtray. Maybe it’s stealing some time to watch squirrels and birds frolic while lightly tapping off the ash of a lit stogie. If the best one can do is to hide away in the corner of a brick and mortar for a few minutes, it’s worth it. While locale can add to the experience, the experience is ultimately about time and the stick, not about the travel costs or passport stamps.

The perfect one-hour vacation may be during a lunchtime escape to a park. The ideal get away may be carefully toasting a cigar on the banks of a pond at the edge of a neighborhood. Serenity could be an escape to a wooden deck with a propane patio heater after the kids are asleep. One luxury that all cigar smokers can enjoy is simply that, the luxury of enjoying a cigar. We don’t have to look too far. And while we’re reading our cigar publications that constantly remind us of how much we may not be making yet, we can appreciate the moment we have away from the hustle and bustle and the “honey do” lists.

If you can’t stare at the ocean right now, stare at the curves and texture of your cigar. If you aren’t able to watch the sunset behind million dollar homes and golf courses, watch the deep orange glow around the foot of your cigar. If you’re not sitting on the starboard side of a yacht drinking rare spirits and discussing the stock market, appreciate the time allowed with your cigar as you watch cars pass by from your porch.

When we say that cigars are a luxury product, it doesn’t just mean that we have to be surrounded with luxury, it means that we literally have elegance, beauty and time in our hands at that very moment…and dang it, that’s good enough for me. Take that hour vaca, appreciate that moment, appreciate the product that you’ve spent your hard-earned money on…it was crafted for you, with your desires and tastes in mind, not just for those that have the means to jetset and travel the world. Take your one-hour vacation, you deserve it and you’ll be better for it.

img_0183 img_1480 img_1576 img_1043

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