Nonpartisan Cigars

“Your political opinions are not important to me right now, I’m enjoying my cigar” is what most patrons are thinking when “political experts” get warmed up at shops…or at least it’s what I’m thinking. Between social media, news, the internet, the only thing people seem to care or talk about these days is who’s right, who’s wrong, who’s blue, who’s red, who’s pro, who’s anti. The very reason I visit brick and mortars to enjoy cigars is to escape reality…to take a break from the banter and the noise. The only hot air I want blown is from premium tobacco, not boisterous people.

photo-on-1-31-17-at-10-59-pmI now notice that people whisper when people they assume don’t share their beliefs sit in earshot. When certain news networks are on the TV, crowds split and go to separate corners. A past time that used to unite people from every walk of life is now slowly turning into campaign propaganda and the defense of people that don’t care one way or another about average citizens, yet alone the industry that we love. I remember when there was laughter and networking, when the conversations were about the sticks you like, where you worked and how your family was doing. My fellow aficionados, lets bring back the good ‘ol days.

Unlike most political issues, cigar lovers literally want the exact same thing and have the exact same interests. It’s not men making decisions about women’s issues, it’s people wanting the ability to continue to purchase brands they know and love. It’s not rich people making decisions for non-rich people, it’s consumers wanting the ability to relax and appreciate something that is pure and natural. We want the same.damn.thing. If that doesn’t bring aficionados together, then we don’t deserve to call ourselves brothers and sisters of the leaf.

Leave the turmoil of the day outside the sanctity of our brick and mortars. Let’s turn off the news and turn on sports. Let’s light up sticks and not each other. Join Cigar Rights of America and let the experts talk politics on our behalf (and tell ’em Justin Harris referred you when you sign up HERE)! The only color that matters in this sacred place is the brown of our tobacco. Let’s protect the vibe and the relationships we’ve formed. Trying to prove a point or defending someone that wouldn’t defend you isn’t worth alienating a fellow cigar lover, so let keep it all in it’s place.

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