3 Ways Online Groups Help the Cigar Culture

My phone is inundated with notifications from social media groups. I would venture to say that I belong to roughly 100 such groups through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., and they are mostly dedicated to cigars in one way or another. While some could argue that being affiliated of so many of the groups is overkill, there is a lot of value gained from these digital associations.

Aside from just having a sense of belonging and community, being connected with thousands of likeminded individuals that share your passion can be empowering and entertaining. Knowing that “you’re not the only one” definitely helps to validate one’s love for a hobby and encourages a multitude of positive behaviors…especially when deciding whether or not to dive deeper into and invest in a lifestyle. Let’s explore 3 key benefits of being an active member of such a vast community.

Collective Buying Power
At the heart of most movements there are numbers and people that band together to create change. When the multitudes are organized and have direction, it’s impossible for industries not to take notice, thus listening to and providing benefits for said groups. When people come together in the spirit of “power in numbers”, they can leverage the group size for member-only discounts and specials. By partnering with cigar shops and vendors, mutually beneficial agreements can be made where in exchange for deals, group members can promote shop events, drive foot traffic and publicize releases and specials.

Increased Knowledge
Not only is it just fun to get together and socialize with lovers of the leaf, but in those gatherings (better known as herfs) and in online forums, newcomers to the lifestyle can gain tremendous cigar knowledge from those that study it, enjoy it and live it. Those that serve as Admins to online social groups can testify that there are new member requests daily, which is a great thing. Such requests are not just experienced folks, but those that want to learn more through association and osmosis. Let’s face it, we’re interesting and fun people…and what better way to learn about new and old cigar brands and best practices than be in a group that’s enjoying new and old cigar brands and using best practices. There’s even a lot to learn with the practices aren’t so “best”.


Helps Build Outside Interest
The best recruiting tool for any organization or lifestyle is engaged and involved members. The lifeblood of anything successful is new blood. Being new to the cigar lifestyle can be an intimidating one; the amount of choices can be overwhelming, those walks through the experienced crowd on the way to the humidor can be awkward, and it can be difficult finding accepting and cigar-friendly venues. The support and information provided by an established group of people that are already immersed in culture is a sure-fire way to keep newcomers navigate, get engaged and come back for more. Once they get a taste for premium tobacco mixed with a healthy dose of nonjudgemental brothers and sisters that can stimulate their interests, the budding aficionado will never look back!

It’s difficult trying to navigate and cut through all of negativity that surrounds us in social media these days. One of the bright and shining lights of the internet is the chance to learn from, grow with and socialize with people that have a passion for something peaceful and artistic. Cigars and the online groups that love them bring together the young and the old, the rich and the not so rich, and people of every color, background and creed. Anyone that has the desire to fellowship over a cigar should not hesitate to join some type of group or forum, as the education and camaraderie is unlike any other and valuable on so many levels.

Additionally, whether you’re new or old to the lifestyle, be sure to join Cigar Rights of America to help safeguard the Premium Cigar Industry and our freedom to enjoy them from national and local overregulation! Click HERE to learn more and tell ’em “Justin Harris” sent you in the “Referred By” field!


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