Welcome, Smoke, Enjoy & Learn

I’ve been doing more visiting and less writing over the last few months as I’ve frequented cigar shops. I like to say that I’ve been conducting research. One thing I’ve learned is that people, both new and experienced, still want education and knowledge about premium cigars almost as much or more than they want the cigar itself. With so much information out there and so many people being introduced to the lifestyle, it’s easy for consumers to get overloaded with stats, practices and opinions…some of which don’t encourage people to stick (see what I did there) with it and to try new things. And while all knowledge is power, it’s important that the basic understanding of what cigars truly are and what they have to offer is communicated more as opposed to how many someone smokes…or who someone has met…or that only this or that brand is “good”.

What draws the cigar community closer are the benefits of premium cigars, the complexities, the art form, the social and peaceful manners in which they can be appreciated. How time can slow down and how things can be heard more clearly. How tastes can be awakened and how senses can be heightened. How craftsmanship can be a reveled in and how skill can be celebrated.

To all of those that are new to the lifestyle and this website, welcome, smoke, enjoy and learn as much as you can. Your intrigue will quickly develop into passion. To those that are experienced and have a wealth of knowledge (not personal accolades or statistics), share your memories and encourage entry to the lifestyle. Invite men and women in and enjoy the smoke, enjoy the conversation and enjoy the relationship. From these things come education. Not just education about what others like, but the learning of one’s own tastes and preferences. Just like the variations of a complex blend, our different techniques and appreciations can and should marry to make our cigar-friendly environments inclusive to all that have the curiosity and desire to enter in. The newcomers’ memories of who they spoke with and what knowledge they acquired while having that cigar will influence whether or not they come back and dive deeper.

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