3 Essentials for the Highway Herf

Winter’s drab weather is finally behind us and the time has come to catch some rays and feel the breeze. Months of being confined to the indoors have ended and the entire out-of-doors (and our vehicles) can once again become our lounges. And nothing makes a Spring drive more enjoyable than a cigar.

The question then becomes, what must one be aware of and what must one do to ensure that the interstate cigar experience is a top-notch one. Hitting the highway ourselves this week, we found this to be the perfect opportunity to discuss the bear necessities for enjoying a cigar while championing the roadways…and keeping a lookout for State Troopers.

Travel Humidor
While travelling, it’s a must to locate and patronize cigar shops that you may not normally have the chance to visit. Upon confirming your purchase, 9 times out of 10 you’ll be handed a receipt and a plastic “zip lock” type bag to protect and maintain your sticks. And while these small plastic gift bags help to keep some of the nostalgic aroma in and elements off of our cigars (if we’re disciplined enough not to keep opening the bag), they only provide 2-3 days of protection and humidity. A travel humidor is needed.

There are many travel humidors on the market, just be sure to get one that is large enough to accommodate your travel supply, as squeezing too many in a smaller case will create unwanted boxed-pressed cigars…aka squished cigars. Lined with foam, these trusty toolboxes shield cigars from the bumps and bruises of the road…and by throwing a trusty Boveda pack in, you ensure that your next cigar is as fresh and ready as the first.

Lighter/Cutter Combo
Do vehicles even come equipped with lighters anymore? The last time I’ve seen one was in my father’s ’95 Camaro. Anywho. A true aficionado never leaves homes without a lighter and a cutter. Nothing ruins a 4-hour drive like not having the proper instruments to prepare your cigar.

Though we’re trying to enhance our trip, safety is still first. With that being said we suggest cutting and lighting at the onset of your trip or stopping at a good, clean rest area to make a clean cut and to get an even light on each cigar. While it’s never attractive to spit out bits of tobacco from an raggedy cut, you really don’t want to do it while cruising at 70 mph for it to blow back in your face. A good sturdy torch is also helpful, as you’ll most likely need to touch-up the stick a few times as the wind will cause slightly uneven burning at times.

Who said you need fancy air filtration systems or leather seats to enjoy a cigar? As long as you have automatic windows you should be good to go! For added luxury, if you have a sunroof, you, my friends are in business. Because every puff is being sucked onto the highway, you’re sure to arrive smelling just as fresh as when you left the driveway. Just be mindful of too much wind coming in the vehicle, as an overabundance will have your cigar burning all over the place and canoeing.

Like everyone doctor needs a stethoscope, every carpenter needs their tool belt and every good superhero needs a cape, cigar aficionados hitting the road need the right supplies to transport our treasures, prepare them properly and to leave us smelling like roses, hence allowing us to enjoy our cigars and the scenery. We can ride like bosses when we’re prepared, and with every mile marker we pass and every cloud of smoke that escapes our windows, we can travel with the satisfaction, sophistication and comfort of knowing that we did it right…and those we share the road with will look over with jealousy, wishing they were our passengers on this marvelous journey.

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