Video Eval: An Ideal Draw with PerfecDraw

Cigar performance (or lack thereof) can make or break your smoking experience. During or after a long day, the last thing you want to do is cut and light your cigar only to find that it’s plugged or just roll too tightly and the draw is bad. Faced with the decision to toss it, cutting deeper and risking unravelling or just suffering through it while veins bulged from your head, your plans of relaxing quickly turned to stress and displeasure.

Searching for the right tool to help minimize these incidents, I kept running across the same “poker” type instruments that just moved tobacco around and temporarily solve my tight draw problem. I say temporary because as soon as I would light the cigar, the tobacco would expand or shift right back to it’s original position and I’m back at square one. The tight draw creates harsher, uneven tastes, crazy burns and just an unbearable stick. I finally ran across the PerfecDraw tool online that boasted of correcting the draw on any cigar and I had to reach out to learn more. After watching videos and speaking with PerfecDraw creator, Rod Kurthy, I was curious enough to give his invention a try. Check out our video eval.

I’m not a huge product endorser as I want people to try stuff for themselves and judge accordingly, but I must say that I’ve been carrying this thing around with me everywhere I go…even offering to help my friends with the draw on their cigars. After trying the PerfecDraw on both plugged cigars and ones that had a decent draw, I was able to enjoy the pull of every cigar I tried. Dr. Rod, you made a believer out of me with this one and I highly recommend that anyone who enjoys a nice draw on their cigar to check out and get your hands on this beautiful tool.

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