Courtship of the Cigar

Stop falling in love with a cigar after one smoke.

Whether it be because of who made it, the price or because someone else claimed it changed their life, one cannot deem a cigar the “best ever” from partaking in one stick. Manufacturers don’t try just one blend before they market it to the world, so there’s no reason for us to automatically declare one the bee’s knees at first sight and light.

How many times have you gone “All-In” after meeting a woman one time and it turned into something meaningful? How many guys have you given a key to your house immediately following an introduction? None, I hope…and hopefully it took some time and effort. A courtship even. A period of time that allows one to see if someone or something is really what they presented themselves to be or if it was a unicorn of an experience. First times, especially with highly inflated expectations, are usually deceiving. Cigars are no different.

People often ask how many times should I smoke a cigar before reviewing it. My common practice is at least 2 and sometimes 3. My reasoning behind this is because depending on the circumstances, how I’m feeling that day, who’s company I’m keeping, where I’m smoking and writing, etc., I notice different flavors and characteristics with each cigar each time. Like in relationships we hope for consistency each time, but we all know that this doesn’t always happen. Just like opinions and feelings for certain people change, so do opinions and feelings about cigars.

How often have you enjoyed a cigar, only to think it was “OK” the next time? Have there been times you purchased a box or cigars in bulk hoping that it was “The One” only to have buyers remorse and wish you waited on something better? Ever had a cigar that you thought you hated only to realize on another try that it was actually pretty good? While there are several factors that can impact the change in taste or performance (change in crops from year to year, different rollers, aging, conditions of the brick and mortar’s humidor), it’s wise to give a cigar a few rolls in the hay before making a commitment.

Try them in different settings. Try them with different beverages. Try them at different times of the day and when you’re in different moods…and I promise that you’ll gain better understanding for what that cigar was meant to be and what it has to offer. Don’t write a premium cigar off after having it once and don’t crown it the 2nd coming of your savior after the first time. Cigars are meant to be tried and tried again…and again and again. That’s what makes this lifestyle a unique one and what keeps it interesting. It’s a courtship. A relationship. One that requires flexibility and taking chances. One that causes you to examine yourself and your likes…what you need and what your non-negotiables are. Enjoy the ride and don’t be too fast to pass judgement…and don’t be too fast to give one brand or manufacturer your undying love. Play the field a little, then wisely decide if you’re going to put a cigar ring on it.

3 thoughts on “Courtship of the Cigar

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