Our First Cigar Experience

No one in my family grew tobacco or produced cigars. The only person I knew growing up that smoked cigars was my grandfather. His cigar of choice was a brand called King Edward, and I used his old boxes as props for my transformers and army men. Ironically his last name was Edwards, which kinda made it even cooler that we had those boxes. I never tried them, but cigars were a constant as I’d help him feed the hogs or hang out with him on the porch.

Fast forward years later. After I got married, my brother-in-law re-introduced me to cigars, as he would bring them back from his travels. I don’t even remember what kind of cigars they were, but I was intrigued. Not knowing what I was doing, I started buying whatever cigars I could find. Good ones? Ha! At the time they were good to me! It was fun, it was new, and it was a great experience. What I first treated as a hobby quickly became a subject of learning and a way of life for me, as once I take on something I always dive in headfirst.

I went from merely buying cigars to studying them, researching the craft and the processes, and the people that produced them. I talked to and learned from anyone in the industry I could find. I spent a little time in Central America with people that didn’t speak a word of English but appreciated my desire to be taught. My fascination with the leaf soon became a vehicle for me to use in my profession. Cigar analogies became a constant in my writings and in trainings I facilitated as a HR Management consultant. From this, CigaHr.com was born and I began to use my knowledge, experiences and love of cigars to entertain and educate new and experienced aficionados.

Over the last several years as cigars have become even more popular, I find that there are more and more opportunities to teach and share. But I am also more curious about other’s first experiences. What introduced you to cigars? Do cigars trigger a special memory for you? Do they remind you of a loved one? Were you in a unique place or was it just a good ol’ night out on the town with friends and someone had a few with them?

So tell us about it. Your stories, your experiences. Let’s share! As one thing that makes this culture such a great one is the ability to dialogue and bond. So let’s stir up some good memories in the comment section…and when we’re done, we’ll create some new ones in real life! Let’s Put Some Smoke In The Air #PSSITA. Cheers to the past, and to our future.

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