3 Ways Cigar Shops Solve the World’s Problems

Sitting in a brick and mortar, enjoying a premium cigar is a learning experience. Not only do you learn about cigars, but of current events and issues of the day. In that hour and a half – two hours a cigar is being enjoyed, everything that ails the world can be solved. Cigar smokers have great takes and answers, it’s just unfortunate that the folks making the actual calls aren’t sitting there with us.

So what are three ways cigar shops solve the world’s problems?

They Provide A Forum
Where else can people of all races, economic status, and educational backgrounds gather peacefully to relax, escape and converse like adults? I don’t know of too many places but I know the cigar shop is one of them! While enjoying our cigars, we’re drawn into actual conversation, the sharing of ideas, and we’re not limited to “likes” or “retweets”. We get backstories, emotion and perspective. We’re able to look people in the eye and because we all respect one another as a fellow aficionado, we give people the courtesy they deserve when sharing their beliefs even if they differ from ours. Then when the dust settles, we put smoke in the air.

Everyone Listens
Cigars force us to listen…to shut up and to think before we speak. Man I wish more politicians did that. With each draw of the cigar, even the most vocal patron has to shut up for a few seconds at a time, and this gives them time to formulate their argument before blurting out something they would regret. Additionally, because most times the patrons are regulars and friends, they are able to remain cordial and give everyone their fair time. Plus, no one is in a hurry to leave {I just lit this cigar!} so we know that even if we disagree, we have to do it in a way that won’t cause us to be uncomfortable during our remaining time in that leather chair.

There’s No Hiding
Unlike social media where everyone is an expert, sitting face-to-face in the cigar lounge makes us vulnerable and forces us to deal with a problem instead of logging off to avoid hearing someone else’s stance. When people can’t hide behind their avatars and keyboards they are typically less angry, less biased, less close-minded. It’s one thing to stir up controversy from the comforts of your smartphone, but it’s another when you’re sitting across from a brother or sister of the leaf that shares a passion of yours and you see that they are directly/negatively impacted by legislation or commentary. You’re able to see the hurt or disappointment first hand, creating that very human feeling of empathy that is nonexistent on Facebook and Twitter.

While they say that Sunday mornings are the most segregated time in America, I argue that Saturday afternoons at the local cigar shop are the most integrated and productive. Not productive because we’re impacting legislation, but because everyone that leaves is hopefully more relaxed, more educated and more understanding to other people’s points of view. The “one person at a time” approach is how we’ll solve the worlds problems, because the broad, “everyone-at-once” method ain’t working.

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