Two of my passions, cigars and Human Resources, combine to create CigaHr!

Established in 2013 for the casual and experienced cigar aficionado, CigaHr aims to bring ALL lovers of the leaf together by focusing first and foremost on education, not just information.

Please bookmark and follow our site while also connecting with us through our various social media outlets.

Smoke well!

– Justin Harris, CCT
CigaHr Creative Director and Editor




Certified Consumer Tobacconist (CCT)

CCT Badge





Certified Cigar Maestro – Certificado de los Maestros

Cert. 1Cert. 2Cert. 3Cert. 4Cert. 5Cert. 6Cert. 7

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Very cool page and idea.. I too am in HR and love cigars! My name is Chad and I believe we are both apart of the Cigar Crew of Nashville, even though I have yet to make it to an event. But I gotta change that!

    I work for Cummins Inc, in their Benefits Services company in Human Resources-employee benefits. Always great to meet a fellow lover of the leaf, and HR for that matter.



    • Hey Chad! Thanks for checking out the page. It’s great to connect with people that love the same things. We’ll definitely have to get you out to one of the events so we can meet!


  2. Absolutely! I am going to work on trying to be at the Bowtie even next Tuesday night, if I can work it out with my wife I love Valentino’s and cigars and jazz are right up my alley.


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