CigaHr Contributors


Justin Harris, CCT
Creative Director and Editor

Justin Harris is a Certified Consumer Tobacconist and professional blogger who has been a lover of the leaf for over a decade. Inspired by his thirst for knowledge and his relationships in the cigar industry, Justin created to be a fresh voice for those who enjoy unbiased, relevant and educational cigar content. His goal is to create a forum by which anyone interested in cigars will feel included and be able to learn without fear or alienation. Email Justin at


Demeka “Nicety” Fritts

A former fashion model and native Nashvillian, Demeka’s interests include cooking, fishing, history, trivia and of course, smoking cigars. Lover of a good spirit and some good conversation, Demeka was drawn to the leaf through social connections and it quickly became a lifestyle. Having been in the medical field for over 12 years, Demeka also blogs for a local radio station and specializes in promotion and marketing. Email Demeka at

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